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Internships in Florence are a dynamic and engaging academic journey  in to the local businesses, organizations and cultural centers at the heart of the city. Students accepted into the program must complete 120 working hours with their placement tocompletethe3credit requirement at the end of the experienc


Internships in Florence are intended to give students a well-rounded and complete academic experience. Through the staple of learning by doing, students work alongside a professional team in prominent organizations throughout the Italian community to develop crucial skills for a bright future in an ever growing international job market.


From delving in to the archives of the world-renown Uffizi Museum to organizing city wide events alongside the UN and learning textiles and fabrics in the local shops of the capital of fashion to learning traditional print-making skills in the same centers as Picasso, Florence is a cultural hub for ambitious individuals of all walks of life. As you adventure through your academic path in the Florentine community discovering their techniques, promoting their mission and growing alongside them, you develop and hone skills which will follow you for the rest of your life.

Real work experience

This program is designed to provide students with real work experience while enjoying one of the most beautiful cities in the world. All interns are assigned a placement prior to departure for Florence. Placements are made on a case-by-case basis. Past interns have been placed in positions with prestigious art museums and galleries. Florida State also has contacts with art restoration specialists and world-class hotels and restaurants. All of these opportunities immerse students in the unique culture of Florence. This experience and exposure raises awareness of, and potentially provides entry to, a variety of career opportunities. Interns gain unparalleled practical work experience, make invaluable connections, and acquire international employment references.

Students can earn up to 16 undergraduate academic credits during the internship through their academic department. While we cannot guarantee specific placements, we do our best to accommodate qualified students with an appropriate internship. Internship applicants must have completed Basic Italian (ITA 1120) prior to departure.

Introduction for Staff: In this section, I instead break down the various aspects of Interning at FSU Florence. Starting once again with a general overview of the program, it’s mission and how it works. I then give a rundown of the different partners we collaborate with accompanied by a brief description of each. Finally, student testimonials which in this case would be just 1, to give, again, a more personal dimension to the experience.

Following the layout of Volunteering at FSU, the idea is the following for the use of this data:

  • The ‘About Program’, ‘Goals and Missions’ and ‘How it Works’ sections would be in a main home page to give the students a general idea/introduction to the program.
  • From this main tab there could be sub-tabs for:
    • Placement Information or Your Placement: Here again the idea of an interactive map is useful. A map of Florence with different dots representing the internship placement centers. Once one is selected the Placement Description (below) would come up depending on which one is selected. This gives a visual idea for the students as to where each center is located and how far it is from their residence or the study center.
    • Student Testimonials: This tab would be in diary format where next to the picture of the intern there is a testimonial of their experience. However, this is still work in progress at this point seeing that the only intern during my tenior at FSU was Madison Hayes, who has not answered me regarding sharing her testimonial/experience she did with the Uffizi. What I have until now is a breakdown of her weekly journals, which does not say much about the internship itself but rather a breakdown of her week by week tasks and impressions. As soon as I get information on her behalf I will upload it as well.


The following is a list of possible placements:


  • Flod
  • Hard Rock Café

Art History, Museum Studies, Arts Administration, Art Restoration

  • Alinari Photo Museum
  • Art Gallery Il Bisonte
  • EX3 Contemporary Art Gallery
  • Galleria Il Ponte
  • Galleria Tornabuoni
  • Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore
  • Palazzo Vecchio Family Museum
  • Uffizi Gallery Library


  • Atelier de Dance school


  • The Florentine
  • The Florence Newspaper


  • Grand Hotel Cavour
  • Hard Rock Café