Volunteer Placement Information

NEW! Robert F. Kennedy Foundation of Human Rights

The RFK House is a cultural hub dedicated to the promotion and education of human rights in Italian civil society. Inspired by Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s dedication to justice, through didactic formation, cultural events and sensibility training, the RFK Foundation seeks to increase awareness of human rights and diminish violations of them.

Students who volunteer at the RFK center will assist the staff in gathering information to use for promotion of the RFK headquarters in Italy and around the world, prepare informative material about the foundation and its collaborators, create and improve a data base system of best practices in the human rights field, and organize the center’s library.

The RFK house is located behind the Santa Croce Church and is approximately a 10min walk from the study center.

Location:  Via Ghibellina, 12, 50122 Firenze FI

Key Words: Human Rights, International Relations, Library Assistance, Information Dissemination, Public Relations

More Information: http://www.rfkitalia.org/firenze/

New! Teatro Puccini

Teatro Puccini, or Puccini Theatre, is one of Florence’s most famous and active Theatres and cultural centers. It host events from stand-up comedian specials, satire plays, drama schools for the youth, art exhibits and much more, involving much of the local community, offering an interactive and stimulating place to share ideas, learn, and become more involved. Students here are mainly asked to help during the nights of events. Helping people find their seats, behind the scenes logistics and public relations towards the international/English speaking community. Teatro Puccini offers a very interactive and formative experience in theatre and arts at large and is a great way to get involved with the local community and helping out a main cultural hub of the city.

Location: Via delle Cascine, 41, 50144 Firenze FI

Key Words: Theatre, Culture, Logistical Support, Event Planning and Organizing, Performing Arts.

More Information: https://www.teatropuccini.it/

New! St. James Church Library

St. James Church is a community center of English speakers that routinely holds food and clothes drives, fundraisers for the less fortunate, and community events and cultural shows.

Students who volunteer at this placement work in the library creating fun and welcoming events/signs, categorize books to help the church open its library to the public, as well as host events.

The Church is a beautiful traditional English abbey located near the Santa Maria Novella train station, about 10-15min walk from the study center.

Location: Via Bernardo Rucellai, 9, 50123 Firenze FI

Key Words: Library, English Speaking Community, Episcopal Church, Event Hosting

More Information: https://stjames.it/

Casa San Paolino 

The San Paolino House is like a large family comprised of individuals who share very diverse life stories, ages, nationalities, traditions and cultures, but are all united by the need to find living arrangements outside of the home to help alleviate socio-economic hardships that many communities may encounter.  In essence, it is a home for immigrants coming into the country. The residents are offered hospitality for a fixed period of time, which, thanks to the support of staff and volunteers, will help them experience more serenity and a home-like environment in their day-to-day lives. The volunteers contribute to creating a welcoming atmosphere and work together on various activities necessary for the residence’s function. FSU students will spend their time with the children hosted there. The hours you can volunteer are in the evening when the children are home from school. They love to play, paint, have fun, and have someone help them with their homework.

Casa San Paolino is located next to the Santa Maria Novella Train Station and is approximately a 10min walk from the Study Center.

Location: Via della Porcellana 30, 50123 Firenze FI

Key Words: Immigrant House, Playing with Kids, Arts and Crafts, Moral Support, Activity Development

More Information: https://www.solidarietacaritas.it/associazione-solidarieta-caritas-onlus/aree-operative-fondazione/accoglienza/accoglienza-donne-san-paolino.html


Montedomini is one of Florence’s most important assisted living facilities for the elderly located near the church of Santa Croce. The elderly (we call them Gli Amici or The Friends ) are extremely friendly and social and love to be surrounded by young people, often sharing their time and stories.  Montedomini is a place where the elderly meet and stay during the day, therefore the hours FSU Students can volunteer are in the morning because in the evening they go back home to their respective families. FSU students will do activities such as reading the newspaper to residents, leading them in light exercise sessions, and will participate in planning sessions with the local staff to coordinate other creative activities.  Young Italian volunteers donate their time to Montedomini too, so it is a great opportunity to meet locals for spirited cultural and language exchange.

Montedomini is located behind the Santa Croce Church and is an approximate 10min walk from the Study Center.

Location: Via Dei Malcontenti 9: 50122 Firenze FI

Key Words: Home for the Elderly, Storytelling, Assisted Living, Acrobatics, Arts and Crafts, Reading with Locals

More Information: http://www.montedomini.net/it/beni-culturali/montedomini/

MyTata in Inglese

MyTata is a community of native English-speaking babysitters who are committed to speaking only their native language in the families where they do their work. They do not offer grammar courses or classic language lessons, they only play and do fun activities with children according to the way they consider most effective for good communication in English of children. In this way the children can learn another language in a fun and dynamic environment alongside motivated and kind hearted native speakers.

FSU students here are required to assist in the communities daily activities, coming up with different games, stories and general communication in English so that the kids can develop their language skills in a fun way. Students will learn how to communicate with non-English speakers, create socially inclusive initiatives and help local organizers with various fronts of a community organization group.

MyTata is located next to the Florence Statuto Train Station and is reachable in 15min by the T1 tram line.

Location: Via dello Statuto 4, 50129, Firenze FI

Key Words: Tutoring, Arts and Crafts, English Lessons, Playing with Kids, Activity Planning

More Information: https://mytatafirenze.wixsite.com/babysitter

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