Florence Events


Events are always taking place in Florence. The problem is not what to do but what to choose. The city has so much to offer. The first Sunday of every month all state museums in Italy have free entrance. And the main train system, Trenitalia, offers a two-for-one pass on Saturdays so students can travel for even less.

We keep students updated on all the festivals, parades, concerts, exhibits, and holidays each month so there is always a wide array of activities they can attend, many of them free. Below is an annual list of some (but not all!) events that students can enjoy each semester.


Ephiphany Parade: January 6th, a holiday in Italy. Hundreds of Renaissance characters (a tradition since 1417) parade through town in honor of the three wise men, beginning at Palazzo Pitti.

Chocolate Festival: Fair in Piazza Santa Maria Novella, tastings and sale of all types of artisan chocolate.

Carnevale Parade: in Piazza Dante, street festival celebrating MardiGras Florentine style.

Easter - Scoppio del Carro: a beautiful ancient cart is pulled by two large white oxen, decorated with flowers and paraded through the streets to the Cathedral by a parade of over 150 men dressed as Roman soldiers and in fifteenth-century costumes. Twenty minutes of fireworks from the cart end the festive procession.

Taste: Three day food festival in March in which the best of Italian food, wine and living is displayed.


Calcio Storico: originating in the fifteenth century, Florence’s four central neighborhoods compete in a tournament that is part rugby, part soccer and part wrestling, all while dressed in period costumes.

San Giovanni: Festival of the St. John the Baptist, patron saint of Florence with a large fireworks celebration.

Music Festival: From April to June, the famous Maggio Musicale Festival holds classical music concerts, recitals, opera and ballet in numerous venues across the city.

Fabbrica Europa: Music, performance, and art exhibits held in the beautiful Stazione Leopolda.

Fiesole Summer Festival: Teatro Romana in Fiesole hosts a summer series of theatre, dance and music. June-July

Winetown: Three day festival in May in which many piazzas, palazzos and venues work together to provide wine tastings, food pairings, and more, all over town.


Sagre and Food Festivals: From truffle festivals to ravioli festivals to steak festivals, every month in fall the sagre are numerous. We keep students updated each year on where they are and how to get there. Last year students enjoyed the truffle festival so much they went more than once!

Fiorentina Soccer game: Watch a “real” soccer match. The Fiorentina (Florence’s soccer team) plays their championship games in the fall.

German Christmas Market: The annual market is much anticipated every year. At the beginning of December stalls are set up in Santa Croce piazza, just minutes from the study center, and students can experience a true Christmas market. Whether it’s enjoying a strudel with mulled wine, or walking around to see the different gift ideas, the Christmas market is a favorite among students and staff.